Friday, October 31, 2014

Abusers Abuse - Species Doesn't Matter

McCleish Christmas Benham is a Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horse trainer.  His whole family is involved in the Training, Showing and Breeding of Big Lick Tennessee Walking Horses.  Now, why is this relevant to his outburst in Texas?  Because there is a correlation between abusing animals also manifesting in the abuse of humans.

There are countless articles and studies that indicate this:
New York Times Article

Animal Advocacy groups such as:

With a list of incidents of Horse Protection Act Violations (horse soring abuse) a mile long just for Mac, not including all of the violations that his relatives also own.....I think the correlation in this case between animal abuse and abuse perpetrated towards humans is quite clear.

We need to pass the PAST ACT to protect the Tennessee Walking Horses and their close relatives, the Spotted Saddle Horse and the Racking Horse.  Please, call your representatives today and encourage them to co-sponsor this important legislation.

Ride safe all.

~The RoadQueen