Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Coal Update #8

New update!  When the snow flies and the wind blows, I don't stay out for any longer than absolutely necessary.  But, I have a happy update that is long overdue, so I snapped a few pictures and took a short video on a nice day of Coal after his most recent trim on 1/15/16.

Coal is still slowly gaining weight, he has an awesome, thick hair coat and he is sound at the walk on grass (even frozen grass!)  I have not attempted to push him into a trot as of yet, but I'll take sound at a walk any day over what he was before.  I should also note, that Coal has not worn his boots since mid-November, except for occasionally when the mud in the paddock is frozen as solid as clumped up concrete.

Three months and one week:  

The days are getting longer, and warmer.  Change is in the air.  Dreams are set to come true.  Life is moving on and new adventures are drawing near.

Ride safe all,

~The RoadQueen