Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Well, Blow Me Down

Ever heard of a derecho?  I hadn't, until Wednesday last week.

The "experts" are now saying that what went through Ohio was not a Derecho, but a strongly winded storm with tornadoes scattered here and there.

Whatever.  Bottom line is, wind damage.  Lots of it.  Plus, no electricity from Wednesday afternoon through Saturday evening.  That was fun.  I ended up staying at my parents' farm, since they had electric.

The farm is only a mile away from my house.  How does that make sense?

Let me tell you, that was some serious shit.  It caused quite a bit of damage to my quaint little antiquated cottage property.  Thankfully the house was spared, however the fencing surrounding my yard didn't fair as well in a few spots.

But, my mom and my son, Zach were at the ready to pitch in and get this branch cleaned up.  This is the biggest one that came down, although there are several others that need cleared still.

Hauling it to the burn pile, branch by branch.
This latest emergency drove home something that I've always held to be true, but was reminded of yet again.
Family.  You love them, and they love you, no matter what.  Sometimes they're fun, sometimes they drive you crazy, but when push comes to shove, they're right there sweating by your side.

I love my family.  :)

So, as the sweat rolled and the blisters formed and the splinters seated, the mess got smaller.

And smaller...

And smaller yet.

Monday evening after work I finished cleaning up the rest of the mess pictured above.  My front yard is finally back to normal, and I am as ever so, so thankful to have what I do.

My little slice of heaven:

So last week was pretty rough.  Rolling with the punches and dealing with things as I could was certainly the order of the day.  

I guess the moral of this latest adventure is:  I can always count on my family when I'm in over my head.

And...When life gives you lemons, hang your head out of the car window like you just don't care!

"Hang your head out the window like you just don't care! WEEEEE!!!!!"

Well, that was Jake's advice   I'm not sure that applies to humans, but it sure has been refreshing to blast wind in my face on the motorcycle the past couple of days.  So maybe he's onto something.  :)

Be safe and happy, everyone.

~The RoadQueen


82medici said...

My little slice of heaven is about due for a new rook. How does that metal roof work out for you? Noise level? Heat buildup in summer? Cold buildup in winter?

Sorry to hijack your blog, but I don't know anyone who actually has a metal roof.


RoadQueen said...


Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

Because of the attic insulation, I notice no noise from the metal roof whatsoever from the rain. It's also coated with a pretty heavy coat of roof tar, so that helps dampen any noise and reflect the UV rays off of it to deflect some summertime heat.

In the winter I notice no heat loss, but again, insulation is the key here just like a shingled roof.

The metal roofs seem to last forever, many folks in my neck of the woods are switching to metal roofing when the shingles need repaired/replaced.

When sitting on my little front porch in the rain, I can detect a slight *tink* on the roof from the rain drops, but that roof is also coated with roof tar over the metal, so it's still not super loud.

I can see how an uncoated roof would cause quite a ruckus, though.

pjt said...

Your Snob Post: Best line ever in a porn film was "Quick, catch me, I'm jizzing"