Thursday, December 3, 2015

Coal Update #7

11/7/15 - Day 48

After discussing Coal's progress thus far with my mentor, I was advised to take off more toe and to start letting him go without boots so that his hooves will be stimulated more than they can be with the boots on.  The day after this advice was given, I trimmed Coal again to aim for the better breakover that my Sensei suggested.  

Left Front - Before/After

Left Rear - Before/After

Right Front - Before/After

Right Rear - Before/After
Still not there, but getting closer.  Getting rid of more of the excess toe worked, as he was more comfortable after this trim.  He is still slightly off on level ground, more pronounced heading downhill but improvement, nonetheless.

He is already due for another trim (1 week later) so that post will be forthcoming.  Also, I picked up a tube of Super Fast by Vettec to fill/cover the gaping holes that lead up into his stretched laminae to prevent infection setting in from being exposed to the elements (mud manure, urine).  Especially now, as it has been raining and cloudy for a week or so and the ground is very soft and muddy in the paddock.  Which is also good for Coal to start going bare on instead of the hard packed ground that it normally is.

Ride Safe All,

~The RoadQueen