Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mohican Memorial State Forrest - Chili Cook Off 2013

Last weekend was another camping weekend for Guinness and I, but this time were were considerably closer to home and on familiar territory at Mohican-Memorial State Forrest

We attended an OHC State Ride, meaning that all members of the Ohio Horseman's Council, regardless of the county chapter they belong to, were invited to attend.

While being a primary member of Wayne County, I'm a secondary member of Ashland County OHC, who were the hosts of the ride.  Wayne County does a lot of work at Mohican in the form of trail maintenance, grounds maintenance and improvements.  It's very close to our home (about 45 minutes) to we consider it to be our "Home Turf".

Mom and I loaded up and headed out Friday afternoon after work.  When we arrived, the sun was low in the sky, it's light dancing on only the tops of the trees surrounding us.

We hurried to set up camp and get the horses settled in and chores done before nightfall.  This past weekend was quite a bit chillier than we've had so far this summer, so we were sure to put the horses' blankies on them to ensure that they stayed nice and warm overnight.

No shivering for Guinness this time!

Once all of the necessary stuff was done for our couple day stay, it was indeed dark out, so we joined some friends by a fire.  There we stayed warm and cozy until bedtime, drinking spirits and telling stories, laughing and making merry.

Saturday morning we awoke to a crisp 39 degrees.  While we don't have a heater in our trailer, the walls are insulated and paneled to keep condensation from forming and making it wet inside.  Hey, it's better than a tent.

This lovely young lady rode past our campsite soon after we got up, and I just had to ask if I could take a picture of her and her Pretty in Pink mare.  Finally, a kindred-pink spirit!

We got a late start to our riding Saturday, I think because of the cold.  I know I for one was in no hurry to leave the comfort of my sweatpants and hot cup of coffee for the coolness of the woods.  We headed out around noon, after the worst of the chill had worn off, roaring up to about 65 degrees.

We headed out with Guinness in the lead, where he stayed for most of the ride.  Last weekend at Beaver Creek he was relegated to the rear of the pack for most of the weekend because of the size of our group.  He gets very nervous in groups of more than 3 or 4, so he did better in the back than he would have in the middle or front.  Needless to say, he was thrilled at being able to stretch his legs and go at his own faster pace instead of having to half-step behind a bunch of slow-pokes the whole time.

One of my favorite parts about Mohican, is the varied terrain to be found all in one park.  Everything from densely wooded with thick undergrowth, to rocky cliffs, to the sparse undergrowth of the pine forests.

It remained fairly cool all day, only reaching the high 60's, low 70's.  I kept my hoodie for comfort.

Mom and Beezley seemed relaxed and more than happy to follow along with the pace that Guinness set.  

My old man Jake got to come along on this camping trip.  As opposed to our last camping trip together, there was very little mud, which made His Highness very happy.  He was still a little pissed about the leach, but he didn't really bitch.  Much.

Guinness got a new accessory!  A pretty pink hay net to go along with his other pink stuff.

"Thanks, Mom!"

Doesn't he look smashing?!  :D

Part of the Chili Cook Off is having a theme for your club to present at each chili tasting station.  The best theme is crowd chosen, and is a coveted title to hold:  2013 Chili Cook Off Best Theme.

Ashland County OHC decided to go with M*A*S*H* as their theme this year.  They convinced a 6'4" 300# male member to dress up as Klinger to complete the theme.  It worked, and they walked away with the best theme for 2013.

After sampling 7 different kinds of chili, then making our way through the pot luck dinner on top of all that, we retired to our campsite to digest and visit with friends that stopped in for the festivities, including RCT.

It's easy to relax when this is your "front porch" view.

Once all the visitors left, Mom and I headed to some friends campsites to enjoy a fire again.

On Sunday, we decided to ride with a few friends instead of on our own like we had on Saturday.

Sisters in pink.  :)  Photo op for sure!

So, Guinness and I, Mom and Beezley got all tacked up and ready for another day on the trail.

Around the 1/2 way point we stopped for some refreshments.

The horses ate some greenery that was close by...

While us riders pulled something with a bit more kick out of our saddle bags.  :)

It was a beautiful day on Sunday.  The only thing I really don't like about Sundays, is the fact that you have to pack up and go home.

So, that was how I spent my weekend.  In the wilderness, surrounded by friends and favorite animals.  I love it, there was only one thing missing...maybe someday.  ;)

~The RoadQueen


RANTWICK said...

Do the other boy horses tease poor guiness because his Mom dresses him in hot pink?

RoadQueen said...

They throw some funny looks his way, but PFFT! on what they think. Guinness is tough enough to wear pink, and I think they're just jealous. He's comfortable enough with his masculinity to pull it off. He's hung like a horse, after all.

My son gives me crap about dressing my horse in pink. I simply tell him, "When Guinness can buy his own tack, he can wear whatever color he wants. Until then, I like pink, so that's what he's wearing."

babble on said...

LOVE it! Wearing pink and hung like a horse indeed... heh heh. And that one thing that was missing? Surely one day soon, gorgeous girl. xo xo

Kelly said...

I love Lime a Ritas. That is all.

RoadQueen said...

I love Lime A Ritas, too. And you can fit 3 of the little suckers in a regular water bottle pocket on the saddle bags.


I took 6....

streepo said...

I think Guiness pulls off the pink look wonderfully. Quite handsome.

RoadQueen said...

Thank you, streepo!

I think the black and pink look is handsome, myself. :)