Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Shmall

The end of Summer is nigh.  :'(  Back to freezing cold temperatures, dead foliage, frozen water, snow to wade through.....did I mention the freezing temperatures?!

My favorite season is Spring.  A really close second would be Summer.  Believe it or not, Winter is third, and Autumn is my least favorite by far.

Pretty?  Sure.
I know so many people that are all like, "Ahhh, Fall is my favorite season.  I love hoodies and bonfires and Apple Cider!"

Here's a different spin:

Yeah, Winter is cold.  But Winter is pretty, and the fact that the following season is Spring grants it a certain amount of amnesty.

Fall is the death of nature.  It's sad to me.  When Autumn comes around, I can appreciate the occasional pretty view like the first one, but mostly I see the dead and dying.  It almost feels like watching a beloved friend slowly loosing their battle with cancer, or saying goodbye to your lover.

Until we meet again, my love.

Dead leaves.  Bare branches.  A few green patches of foliage desperately hanging on to life as the daylight shortens and the temperatures drop to an unlivable atmosphere, and they are forced to surrender to the impending wintry grave that awaits.

Until Spring.  Spring, the time of resurrection, life, new birth, hope, energy.

Spring brings another important thing - pink.

Ok, enough complaining.  As of today, Wednesday, October 30th, 2013, there are 140 left until Spring.  It can't get here soon enough.

Ride safe all,

~The RoadQueen


Tracy said...

I don't mind fall because it's one of the shortest seasons up North! It's like a month long where you get slightly cooler days and some pretty colors and then BAM. 30 degrees and snow. Which lasts for like, 6 months.

RoadQueen said...

I hear ya. It's the impending 6 months of ice, frozen-hoof printed mud and zero feelings in the extremities that I'm dreading.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Nice thoughtful post RQ, Thanks!

Kelly said...

There can't be resurrection, life Or New Birth Without Death.This Is A Very Beautiful Post. Even Though I Prefer The Smell Of Rotting NLeaves In Their "Wintery Grave" To The Smell Of "New Birth". Both Really Don't Sound That Attractive Outloud. Lol.

RoadQueen said...

Kelly, I agree. It doesn't make the death aspect any less depressing to me, though.

What's really weird, is that I'm ok with the calm expanse of winter that is the representation and physical manifestation of Death. I find it peaceful.

For some weird reason, I have a problem with the transition - the actively dying part. Weird.

Also, yeah, your olfactory descriptions are, in Scientific terms, "kinda yucky". :)