Thursday, March 20, 2014


Happy First Day of Spring!  Although, it's currently blowing snow flurries across Northeast Ohio.  Regardless, I am SO glad that Winter is losing it's grip around here, with more days than not having high temps of 50+ degrees.  This year's winter has been brutal, to say the least.  I don't mind the snow, but I do strongly object to daily average highs being below zero for most of the season.

I've not been posting much on here because - why?  Other than a few miserable hikes, not much has been happening.  I suppose I could have posted about the hikes, but honestly it was too damn cold out to take my gloves off to use either my phone or camera to take any pictures.  So, yeah.  Screw you, Winter.  Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

One interesting thing has happened over the course of the winter, though - Guinness has decided that he can no longer come into the barn and go in his stall unless I'm the one directing him to do so.  SMH.  This has resulted in me getting a text from my Mom or Dad almost every night at around 8-9 pm that I'm not already at the barn to do chores.

They usually read something like, "Your asshole horse won't come in."

This results in me traipsing my boots and pajama-clad self over to the barn (which is only 1 mile away, thank God) to open the big barn door and find "My Asshole Horse" standing there, looking at me innocently "Oh, Hai!".  Then we proceed with what has become our little routine:

Like this, only it's friggin' dark

Me:  "What do you think you're doing?"

Guinness:  *stuffs his face at me for forehead scritches and eye-bugger removal, if any*  OMG!  I'm so glad you're here.  It's scary out here by myself!  

Me:  "Get in your house and eat your supper, stupid."

Guinness:  *calmly sashays his un-bothered self into his stall*  "I was hoping you'd say that.  It's been a rough day of rolling in the mud here, and I'm bushed.

Me:  *walks over to stall to shut door*

Guinness:  *stuffs face at me for more rubs and scritches*  "WAIT!  Love me one more time before bed..."

Me:  *gives rubs and scritches and shuts door*  "Goodnight, Guinness.  Eat your supper."  *turn light out and leave*


It's really hard for me to be upset with him over this - although it's driving my parents (the property owners and main caretakers) NUTZ.  I'm pretty sure he just misses me and has figured out how to get me to appear.  My mother is certain that he hates her, and that he's doing this JUST to fuck with her.

I'm starting to think that both scenarios, are true.  Solution?  I need to build a small barn in my back yard and just keep him at my place, where I can feed and love and scritch him to our hearts contents.

Coming back to reality, I'm going to start working with him again now that the temperatures are bearable, and also start having my mom work with him some to hopefully get past this "I'm afraid of the barn when my Mommy isn't here" thing.  Kids.  What are ya gonna do?


Kelly said...

I swear I read a blog that's now gone. If you post it again or don't, I wanted to let you know that I never judge a person for their passions. I am usually to busy being jealous that they have one. I've always admired your commitment to keeping your horses, and passion, in your life.

babble on said...

Lol!! Yer soo funny. :D

Silly Guiness, bless his furry fraidy heart. Funny how many two year old human traits horses seem to exhibit, isn't it?