Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Winter Slumber

So, I've written about the Autumn Blues.  I was actually excited to see winter come this year, and had high hopes for lots of pretty snow.  Visions of romantic walks on sleepy snowy sidewalks and whisper quiet woodlands danced through my head.

What I got was near constant 30 mph winds, not a whole lot of snowfall (Plus what did fall blew straight off and piled up somewhere that I have no idea where it is. Seriously, I've been able to see the grass in my yard the entire winter so far.) and temperatures averaging Zero to some other negative degree with windchill factors in the "OMG Stupid" category.

I still have hopes that this winter will be more friendly to outdoor fun.  Temps between 20-30 degrees and less than 15 mph would be AWESOME.  

I *AM* happy to report, that the goals that I placed for myself in my last post are already well underway to being complete.

1. Buy a scale.  Low and behold:

Done and Done.

2.  Take Zach to Lyon's Falls while the ice makes the water falls super pretty.

Did I get any pictures to share?  Hell no, I wasn't that with it.  It was awesome and fun!

3. Now that the holidays are done, get back to my regular work out routine.

Ehhh....kinda.  I've been riding my bicycle on the trainer almost every day for at least 30 minutes, but I haven't been doing the rest of the routine, only the cardio.

4.  Do more with Guinness yadda, yadda, etc., etc........

You read that part about it being Elevnty-Billion below zero and windy all the time, right?  So yeah - no.

5.  Once the weather breaks, ride my bike more often.

Again, the weather is broke, but not in the good way.


DONE!  Kelly and hubby came over for dinner and socialization, and it was SO much fun.  Have to make it a point to get with them more than once or twice a year, seriously.  Kelly has been begging me to come ride her local trails with her on the bike, and I think the first opportunity I get to do so, I'm there.  SOLD!

So, that was it for my goals.  The only two that aren't making any headway, I don't really have much control over at the moment.  Just for giggles, here's a picture story depicting what else I've been up to so far this winter:

Gave the kid a haircut.
Got my piano - finally!
Found the cold weather cycling gloves I lost last year
Got my F&#*@(!! car fixed.  Needs fixed again.  *sigh*
Got an amazing Christmas Present from my Sweetie.  <3
Gave the dog a hair cut.
Watched it blow from inside my house.  My gas bill this month almost made me pass out.
Made a new friend at work.  This is Steve the Shrew.  We hang 'n stuff.
Saw a D-Bag in the wild.
Built myself a new office chair.
That's it.  Sorry.

Hoping that as the longer days - ie: more sunlight - lift my spirits out of the crypt of Winter apathy, my posts will regain their former frequency and entertainment value.  Until then....

Keep warm and ride safe, all!

~The RoadQueen

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