Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Ride It Out

Have you ever had one of 'those days', where everything you touch turns to shit in the palms of your hands, and you can't seem to do anything but piss people off unintentionally?  Of course you haven't, neither have I.


Today was my day.  It started out blissful upon waking up, but 20 minutes later things started to go wrong, and it all just went straight down the crapper from there.  Having been pent up by recent rainy weather and being a physically high-maintenance individual, I was reaching that last straw.

So, I decided to ride it out.

Work is good for me.  Body, mind and spirit.  As an added bonus, I got to tour a longer route than I normally take.

I haven't ridden on this street since I was a child:

Heading out, I had a stiff headwind blowing in my face.  I had to work extra hard to go the speed that I was pissed enough to want to go.  But it was good for me.

By the time I got to about this point, I wasn't so pissed/frustrated/hurt anymore:

Then I started to enjoy the view.  

Wouldn't it be something if more people took a time-out to go beat the crap out of themselves on rolling hills in a beautiful landscape when having a bad day, rather than lashing out at loved ones and use the bad day as an excuse to make it alright?

Honestly, who can stay in a bad mood when they're sweating, muscles burning, heart pounding, breathing heavily and looking at something like THIS?!:

Maybe our country's leaders should make some time for a bike ride daily.  It certainly quells my douche-like tendencies.  Food for thought.

Today's Ride:
Time:  34 minutes
Distance:  8 miles
Average Speed:  13.91 mph
Fastest Mile Time:  3 minutes 11 seconds

Not only did this ride put me in a better frame of mind overall, this ride is the best average speed I've been able to carry over a halfway decent distance.  I can't seem to break that 14 mph average, but by golly I'm getting closer.

~The RoadQueen

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