Friday, June 21, 2013

What's In A Name?

The RoadQueen.  It's been sort of my handle/nickname since 2010 when I purchased my current motorcycle.

You see, I've always been a bit eccentric.  Just ask poor Guinness...

My first motorcycle, a 1979 Kawasaki 400 was complete piece of poo.  I worked on it trying to get/keep it running almost as much as I actually rode the thing.

Being that my friends all had much nicer bikes than I did, I attempted to dress it up a bit.  Some leather fringe here, a horse ornament on the chrome front fender...

It was eccentric, like me.  I liked that bike.  However, it was old, and the motor was worn out, and after cleaning and adjusting carburetors, jets, etc....bottom line, it was still a 1979 KZ400.  I was doing a lot of highway travel at the time, and my poor bike couldn't keep up with the pack at 70mph.

So in 2010, I upgraded!

No, it's not a Harley.  It's a Suzuki Boulevard C50T.  It's big.  It's squishy.  It's COMFY.  It can rock out 80mph All. Day. Long, son.  It's pretty.  But I still needed to make it 'mine'.  Thus the leather fringes on the handlebars AND the clutch and brake levers.  :D

I was still taking a bunch of good-natured ribbing from my friends who rode Harley's.  Road Kings, to be exact.  

Did I mention that I'm also a smart-ass?  I found these gems on Ebay, so I purchased and installed them on my front fender.

So, since the day I unveiled these beauties on the front fender of my Suzuki cruiser, I have been dubbed The RoadQueen.  

Yes, I'm still rocking out the RoadQueen fender emblems.  And yes, if they ever fall off, I'm buying new ones.  ;)

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