Thursday, October 22, 2015

Coal Update #2

Day 5 - 10/12/15

Coal's overall demeanor and attitude continue to be pleasant.  His body condition is still obvious, but his appetite remains voracious.  He was wormed with a 1/2 tube of Safeguard on Saturday, and will get a full dose later this week.  He is still loving his boots, although he is not as comfortable as he was on days 3 and 4.

Day 6 - 10/13/15

Coal has gotten a little less comfortable today still, even with his boots on.  I gave him a little bit of a trim (what I was able to accomplish, he wasn't able to stand with 1 foot in the air for more than a few seconds at a time).  Since Day 3, he has been spending all day every day on turnout in one of the sacrifice paddocks so that he can move around.  

Soaking hooves
Left Front Before Trim
Left Front After Trim
Right Front Before Trim
Right Front After Trim
Left Front Before Trim
Left Front After Trim

Ride Safe All,

~The RoadQueen

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