Friday, October 30, 2015

Coal Update #4

So Coal.  He's doing really well!  On Day 20 he got his front hooves trimmed again.  The results were AMAZING.  He was CANTERING around the paddock!!!!!!!

I SO WISH I had gotten video of him running and playing with the other two horses.  When I saw all three take off together, I was barely able to pick my jaw up and dust it off.  When I finally came to my wits and pulled my camera out, Coal was once again more interested in hay than anything else.  I shooed him a little and he showed me this CUTE little trot.  


Ahem.  Sorry about that - back to business.

Here are some before/after results from his trim:

Coal Day 20 - 10/27/15

Front Right (worst foot):

Before Trim
After Trim
Before Trim
After Trim
Front Left:

Before Trim
After Trim
The same day, the Dentist came out to visit Coal. Unfortunately, the dental visit didn't go as well as we'd hoped. 

The Dentist aged Coal at exactly 10 years old.  He said that most of his teeth, while very sharp from "his last float being never" (his words) they were in relatively good shape.

Except - for one.

One of his molars was broken, splintered and infected.  Horribly, smelly, rotten infected.  Because of where in the mouth the tooth is located (near the back) and because the tooth had broken off somewhat below the gum line, the Dentist couldn't get it, try as he might.  He tried to help Coal for a very, very long time, but in the end Coal was just in too much pain and the dental tools were not getting the job done.  We decided that it would be better for Coal if we quit where we were, waited a couple of days, then try again with a vet and better pain management drugs.  So, that's what we did.

Thursday, Day 22 -  The dentist came back out with some different tools and got the rest of that horrible tooth out without much fuss.  Thank God.  Poor little horse deserves a break.  

So now his teeth are good to go.  The dentist will be back out in one month to make sure that everything had healed properly and that there are no further issues.  Now all that's left is to grow some healthy hooves.

Ride Safe All

~The RoadQueen

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